All About Okra... Red, Green, and Roasted

All About Okra... Red, Green, and Roasted

So, what's the deal with red okra?

Over the last few years, we have grown red, or burgandy okra.  It's always a fun conversation starter at the market and farm.  But I often get asked... what does it taste like, how do you cook it, why is it red...?

Red okra tastes just like any other kind of okra.  Same flavor, same shape and size, and when you cut it open, it has the same type of seed and color.

We eat our okra raw.  And if you have a raw diet, the red is more tender and less hairy, in our opinion.  However, if you cook it, the red will turn green.  It's pretty amazing, and suddenly, not as impressive.  Ha!

Red okra is cooked the exact same way you would prepare green okra.  Roast it, bake it, sautee it, steam it, or fry it.

Roasted Okra

Our new favorite recipe for okra is simply cooking it in a bit of butter on an iron skillet, with a bit of pink salt.

And by the way, my 10 year old daugher is the one who started us on this roasted okra snacking addiction!  Yep, she is our little creative cook.  Also, a good indication of how simple this recipe is!

Iron Skillet Roasted Okra

  • Cut your okra into bit sized pieces
  • Add a couple of tablespoons (or more) of grass-fed butter to your iron skillet
  • Cook okra on med heat for a few minutes, on all sides, pushing it around the pan with a spatula or wooden spoon. 

When the okra has that crispy look to it, sprinkle some garlic salt, sea salt, a little paprika, whatever seasoning you prefer, and set it on a plate to cool.

This method is quick, simple, non-slimy, and a crowd pleaser!

If you want to give the roasted okra recipe a try, you can find red, green, and a mix of okra RIGHT HERE!

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