Farm Visit

Important Rules for Visiting the Farm

We love having visitors for our farm tours and u-pick days, but on this full-time working farm, we do have a few rules you need to know before you come on out!

  • Please Wear Appropriate Shoes. This is a working farm, we have dirt, mud, and poop.  Lots of poop.  Rubber boots or washable tennis shoes are a great idea!

  • Be Respectful of Our Private Property.  This is our family home, please do not wander outside of the boundaries we take you through.  We do not have a public bathroom at this time, so please be sure to take care of necessities before you come out.

  • Please Watch Your Children Carefully.  As a working farm, there are a lot of animals, and heavy equipment around.  Our animals are generally friendly, but they can always have an off day.  And small children can easily get under their feet or behind them, not being seen and get stepped on, kicked, or knocked over.

  • DO NOT Bring Pets.  Domestic animals are likely to chase or harm our farm animals, and our livestock guardian dogs to not take kindly to outside animals.  They may attack and harm your dog.  Please leave your pets at home.  You will be asked to leave.

  • DO NOT Allow Your Children to Chase our Animals.  We love our livestock, and they work hard for us.  Chasing or harassing our animals can cause death or injury to them.  We have had it happen in the past by visiting children.  Please keep your children with you at all times.  We work hard here and any damage to our property, animals, or plants results in extra work or loss for our farm.

  • We Raise Bees!  If you or your children have a bee allergy, it’s best for you not to come for your own safety.  Our bees are not aggressive, but they do free range our gardens and farm constantly.   We would hate for anyone with a severe allergy to get stung.

  • Bring Water and Sunscreen.  Tours, classes, and u-pick all take place outside in the sunshine.  If you burn easily, don’t forget the sunscreen, and always bring water with you!