10 Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

10 Health Benefits of Swiss Chard

And just like that, we're on a warming trend.

Of the short amount of years I've spent in Oklahoma, this is the first year that the seasons have slowly and gracefully, faded from one into the next.  Despite the rain, this has been a very pleasant spring.  Our greens have enjoyed the cooler temperatures, but our summer crops are struggling to find the heat and sunshine.

But it's finally here.

Summertime means school is out, family vacations, warm days, relaxing in the pool, grilling on the weekends, and keeping up with the yard.

It also means that our farm in bursting with freshness.  Which gives you a perfect opportunity to eat fresh, healthy, clean, and ALL the colors.

I think one of the most overlooked greens is swiss chard.  And maybe you have tried it and don't like the texture, or the flavor, but if you take a little time to prepare these delicious greens, you will have the whole family loving it!

Want to Know How to Serve Rainbow Chard in an Inviting Way?

Sautee it.

No lie.  It is the best way, the most delicious, and you can add just about anything you want to make it even more appetizing!

Sautee Rainbow Chard in butter or olive oil with:

  • mushrooms
  • garlic & lemon
  • almonds
  • chopped onions
  • sliced turnips or radishes
  • sweet peppers
  • diced tomatoes
And honestly, it's a beautiful green with all of the bright colors of summer.

Yes, you can eat chard raw.  We do chop it up and add to our salad, and I freeze any extra we have and toss it into a smoothie.  You can even grill it or juice it!

Health Benefits of Rainbow Chard

Rainbow Chard also contains many health benefits.  High in calcium, and helps to regulate blood sugar, chard is one of the best vegetables if you have heart disease or diabetes.

We will have this beautiful green all summer long!  You really should try it!  If you have, how do you like to cook it?  Or how do you serve chard?

Our rainbow chard is available on our farm store site:  rarebreedfarms.com, and at the Tahlequah Farmers' Market every Saturday morning between 8am and Noon!

Have a beautiful week, and enjoy the warmer weather.  Sunshine is on the way!

~ Tabitha

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